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Our bible lessons will be organized in 8 to 12-week courses covering a variety of spiritual topics. During each course, there will be a new featured lesson every week. For your convenience, we will be archiving our studies so that you can go back and complete those lessons that you might have missed. Following the completion of each course, we will be on a short hiatus. We hope that during this time you will review previous lessons, visit our blog, view and post on our message board and be actively involved in encouraging your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to join you for the upcoming course. Below are the approximate time frames for our bible courses.

Session Eight

Course Topic: New Life Perspectives

Course Description:These lessons will challenge and improve your thinking about the multitude of issues and difficulties you face in life.

Session Seven

Course Topic: Bible Questions? Bible Answers

Course Description:Our goal is to answer some of the questions people have about God, religion, faith and life. In answering these Bible questions, we are going to focus our answers on what we find in scripture. In certain instances, we will take what scripture says, then make connections to other Bible truths and hopefully be in a position to draw Bible-based conclusions as to the answers that God has for us.

Session Six

Course Topic: Inspiring Bible Characters

Course Description:We will study the lives of several inspiring bible characters. Through their personal difficulties and triumphs, we hope to gain inspiration for our own lives.

Session Five

Course Topic: Bible Principles

Course Description:This series of lessons will focus on several principles the Bible gives us for living a life that is pleasing to God. These principles, if utilized, will also give you wisdom as you deal with the trials and difficulties of life.

Session Four

Course Topic: Great Women of the Bible

Course Description:This series will focus on the lives and contributions of several Great Women of the Bible. We will study Eve, Potiphar's Wife, Esther, Ruth and more. We will attempt to take lessons from the lives of these women and apply them to our own lives as Christians today.

Session Three

Course Topic: Lessons from the Life of King David

Course Description: This series will examine the life of King David. King David's life has a little bit of everything in it-success, failure, betrayal, adultery, triumph, sin, shame, friendship and war. Our goal for this eight-week adventure into David's life is to take lessons from his life and apply the things we've learned to our own lives.

Session Two

Course Topic: Real Issues in Christian Living

Course Description:This series of lessons will focus on the real issues we face as Christians. Sometimes, it's a little uncomfortable to discuss the realities of living a Christian life, but if we are to be all that we can be for God, we must address those things that we face. Some of the lessons in this series will focus on married and single life, fornication, alcohol, the Christian conscience, and anger management.

Session One

Course Topic: Building a Stronger Relationship with God

Course Description:This series of lessons will focus on improving our relationship with God by enhancing our love, respect, communication and trust with Him. The overall goal of the course is to evaluate our relationship with the Lord and make improvements in the areas where we need development.

In addition to our featured bible lessons, you will notice that we have a number of columns featuring inspirational and educational articles. These articles will be updated approximately twice monthly.

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