The Importance of Faith

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The Bible tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God.  That is one of the strongest statements in the Word of God.  To say that we cannot please God unless we have faith says alot about how important it is for us to strengthen our belief.  There is a man in the bible whose daughter is dying and he knows that his lack of faith could prevent her from being healed.  He asks Jesus to help him with his unbelief.  When we are in a state where our faith isn’t strong, we, too, should ask the Lord for help to be stronger.

Even the most dedicated Christians have trouble with their faith from time to time.  Because we don’t want our prayers hindered, we must re-examine our belief whenever we start to feel a lack of confidence that our prayers will be answered.  The Bible says that when our faith is strong that we have the power to move mountains!  Allow God to be all that He can be in your life.  Don’t limit what He will do for you by having a lack of faith in Him…