The perfection of God

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Yesterday, I saw the sunset in Athens, Greece over the waters of the Aegean Sea and behind the tall mountains that serve as its backdrop.  Today, I had the best, sweetest peach I have ever tasted.  Sunset, water, mountains and a peach.  What do they have in common?  They are all God’s creations and they are perfect!  They couldn’t be done any better.  If you take the time to really notice, you can see God’s work in the little things you enjoy everyday.  Next time you bite a piece of fruit or enjoy a piece of meat, thank God that he created them for you to eat.  Next time you admire the trees, or the moon or the ocean, remember that they didn’t just get here by themselves…rather, God created them for the World and its’ people.  Slow down for a minute and admire the perfection of God…

Blogging from Europe

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BLC community, I am in Rome, Italy as part of a European tour that my wife and I are taking.  I wanted to write from Europe because there are so many Europeans who actually subscribe to this website!  We’ve already been to Paris, France and we just arrived in Rome today from Capri, Italy which is an island that many tourists visit.  From here it’s on to Athens, Greece before returning home to Houston.  Here in Rome, we passed by Circus Maximus, which is where I learned that Christians were devoured by animals or covered in tar and lit while spectators cheered on.  Christians were tortured in this way simply because they believed in Christ.  This really made me think about how we sometimes take for granted that we can believe in Christ and worship Him freely now.  No matter what country you are in, don’t take for granted the freedom to worship.  So many Christians died just for believing like we believe today.  This trip to Europe is a blessing for me.  I would encourage everyone to pick at least one thing you always wanted to do and then try your best to do it.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant…it can be something simple.  Just do one thing.  This life is short and we must enjoy it while we are here on Earth.