Disappointments come…and disappointments go…

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If you have ever been rejected, failed at something, or if something in your life just didn’t turn out well—then you have likely felt the emotion of disappointment.  The moments following disappointment can be real tough—after all, you really wanted things to turn out well.  Disappointment is a part of life.  Sometimes things simply won’t happen the way we want them to.  We are not in control of everything that happens in our lives.  Trust that God has your best interest at heart and that while disappointing moments are difficult, they do come and go.  Disappointment is temporary and often times, it can be a blessing in disguise.  I have a female friend from college who was engaged to a guy who she was really in love with.  Just a couple of months before the wedding, he called the whole thing off—relationship and all.  She was devasted!  It took awhile for her to recover from this extreme encounter with disappointment.  As the years passed, she learned more and more about what type of guy her former fiance’ really was.  Now she is thankful that she didn’t end up married to him!  My point is that sometimes, not getting what you want can be a good thing!  Next time you experience disappointment in your life, be disappointed, be sad, hurt, even confused, but just for a little while—and then get up, dust yourself off and move on to the next phase of your life…

It really is all meaningless…

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Recently, our nation has mourned the deaths of Tim Russert (a top broadcaster for NBC news) and Tony Snow (the former White House press secretary).  These two men were very accomplished in their careers and also played the roles of husband and father to their respective families.  From what I hear on t.v., both were good men who were well-liked and respected by their peers in their profession.  Seeing their deaths in the last few weeks has been eye-opening for me.  These men spent much of their time in life trying to achieve.  They wanted to achieve a bigger role on their jobs, attain the next important interview, make the President look good in difficult times, etc.  What I see so clearly is that none of what mattered so much to them really matters now.  Their career accomplishments mean nothing to them now because they are gone…they have left Earth and will only rise again when the Lord decides that it’s time.  There is a lesson in this for all of us, we all have people we know who have passed away.  What in their life really matters to them now?  You might be able to say that they had a great family while they were here…but does that really matter to them now?  They are gone.  A great career, many accomplishments, big time material possessions?  When we die, it really is all meaningless.  King Solomon clearly shows us this phenomenon in the Book of Ecclesiastes.  He had it all.  Wealth, women, wine, wisdom, accomplishments and he recognized that it meant nothing….that the only thing that really matters at the end of your life is whether you lived your life according to Word of God.  For Tim Russert and Tony Snow and all the people you know who have passed on, the only thing they can stand on now is whether or not God is pleased with the way they lived their life.  Your debt doesn’t matter…your problems don’t matter…your pain doesn’t even really matter…all these things will pass away…and you will only be left with whether or not you did what thus said the Lord and whether you lived according to His will.  That really simplifies our life purpose doesn’t it?  Enjoy your life, but make sure that you stay focused on your ultimate goal which is to get to Heaven!

Changing Your Mindset

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Let’s face it—difficult life situations will cause stress and unrest!  So, what do you do if your difficult situation doesn’t improve immediately or even worsens over time?  I have found that the answer is to change your mindset about the situation.  So often, we pray that God will change the situation we are dealing with… We ask for more money, a better opportunity, improved health, healing for a loved one, etc.  Sometimes we need to change our prayers and ask God to help us change our mindset about a situation.  Not long ago, I asked God to help me view something differently.  I asked him to change my thinking…to change my mind.  The issue I am dealing with has not changed…but the good news is that I have changed the way I view it.  I have found a peace that I didn’t know before!  My experience with this has caused me to look at other life situations in a different way.  I am convinced that this philosophy can help you too.  Ask God for a different mindset.  Ask him to change the way you see and process your life issues.  You will be surprised at the relief you get.