Changing Your Mindset

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Let’s face it—difficult life situations will cause stress and unrest!  So, what do you do if your difficult situation doesn’t improve immediately or even worsens over time?  I have found that the answer is to change your mindset about the situation.  So often, we pray that God will change the situation we are dealing with… We ask for more money, a better opportunity, improved health, healing for a loved one, etc.  Sometimes we need to change our prayers and ask God to help us change our mindset about a situation.  Not long ago, I asked God to help me view something differently.  I asked him to change my thinking…to change my mind.  The issue I am dealing with has not changed…but the good news is that I have changed the way I view it.  I have found a peace that I didn’t know before!  My experience with this has caused me to look at other life situations in a different way.  I am convinced that this philosophy can help you too.  Ask God for a different mindset.  Ask him to change the way you see and process your life issues.  You will be surprised at the relief you get.