Your Breakthrough

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The first lesson in our new series has to do with finding peace with whatever has been troubling you or holding you back.  All of us in some form or fashion need a personal breakthrough.  We need to overcome or at least more effectively deal with a situation or circumstance in our life.  Often times, we just don’t have the courage to leave our comfort zone.  We’re comfortable staying where we are, we’re comfortable not putting forth the effort and energy required to make the progress we desire.  If you want something bad enough, you’ll do the work it takes to get there.

This year, I made a promise to myself that I would address one of the issues of my life.  I’ve been dealing with this circumstance for a few years and I have just decided that this is the last year I’m going to deal with it.  Making progress in this area will require some prayer and some work; and I’m willing to do what it takes.  I simply refuse to go another year having not addressed this in some meaningful way.  You, too, probably have something going on in your life that needs to be dealt with.  When you have effectively found peace in that area, you have had your breakthough!  A breakthrough might just mean that you view the situation differently and thus achieve your peace with it.

We shouldn’t put limitations on what we can achieve through the power of God.  He is willing and able to assist us with our every need.  While we have God on our side, we have to remember that we must do the work it takes to make progress in our lives.  Choose the area of your life where you really need a breakthrough and begin the process of finally changing your circumstance or your perspective for the better.