God Forgives

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During the time that I have been talking with people about God, I have noticed that when people are engaged in a life of sin that they tend to distance themselves from the Church.  I have known people who have been committed to trying to live for God and then when they start to lose their battle with sin, they aren’t seen or heard from for awhile.  My theory is that when sin takes over one’s life, the person starts to feel unworthy of being in God’s prescence.  Most of us have been in that place before.  Distancing oneself from God is one of the worst things you can do.  Yes, you get to continue in sin without feeling uncomfortable, but meanwhile, your sin is festering and growing.  Stay with God…even when you are in a bad place in your life.  Just continuing to have Him in your life will hopefully eventually lead you back to living your life for Him and inspire you to leave that sin behind.  God forgives.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  We should never feel as though what we have done can’t be forgiven, because throughout His Word, he clearly shows us that it can…  Study and obey His Word.  Pray for forgiveness.  Grow closer to others who are trying to live right.  That’s what the Lord would have His children to do.