Carl Carey Jr

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If you are like most people, at some point in your life, you have felt discouraged.  Maybe you felt that emotion at a time when it seemed like not much was going right in your life.  Not long ago, I had somebody tell me that they felt as if they were getting bad news followed by more bad news followed by more…  We are human and when bombarded with discouraging events, we will tend to respond with the natural human emotion of feeling a lack of confidence and hope about the future.

In God’s Word, we often see the words, “Do not be discouraged”.  The Lord is trying to let us know that as His children we should feel uplifted and encouraged.  He wants us to realize that a better day is on the horizon.  Feeling that there is hope is so important.  We all know people who have allowed feelings of discouragement to send them into a painful depression.  When we feel optimistic because we know that God will make things better, it does a world of good for our mental and emotional state.  Whatever difficulty you are experiencing in your life now is temporary.  Trust me, the pain and disappointment you feel will end at some point.  Until then, you must find a way to be strengthened and encouraged!  Through God’s Word, we know that a closer relationship with Him is the source of our nourishment.  Grow closer to God and your perspective on your situation will get better.  Having been fed by God, you will then have the strength and courage you need to stand strong and face the challenges in your life with faith and hope.