Dealing with swift life changes…

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The wildfires in California have dominated the news this past week.  As I have watched the coverage, I have tried my best to sympathize with those who have lost everything.  Somehow, though, it is difficult to relate.  I can’t imagine driving down my street and not seeing my house.  I can’t imagine everything that I’ve worked hard to build being wiped away in a matter of minutes.  The people who have been affected by the wildfires are certainly experiencing something that the rest of us hope that we never have to face.  In a different sense, life has the power to bring all of us swift changes when we least expect it.  A tragic accident, the death of a loved one, a significant financial crisis, an unexpected betrayal—all of these are things that could happen without warning.  Happy one minute…devastated the next.  The only way we can deal with swift life changes is to have the consistent and constant Hand of God to depend on as we walk through our life experience.  We don’t know what’s around the corner…but if we know we have a relationship with God…we can be confident that with Him we can face anything…


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