Our second series of lessons… I need your help…

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Very shortly, our second series of lessons, which will be entitled, “Real Issues in Christian Living” will begin. I’m really excited about this series because it will tackle some of the real issues we face as we attempt to live our lives for God. I have already planned lessons which will deal with: the things that hold us back, having a Christian conscience, dealing with our anger, the Christian and alcohol, marriage and divorce issues, etc. Some of the lessons will surely spark some debate and discussion.

To date, we have approximately 3,000 visitors to our site each month!! Hundreds of people have signed up to receive our lessons in their email inbox on a regular basis!!

One of the biggest commands God has given us is to spread His Word (that’s the main reason I started this site… He commanded us to spread the Gospel and I know that His Word can help people as they try to live their life and as they try to get to heaven). I want to challenge the BLC community!  For everyone who reads this blog, go to the GET CONNECTED space on our homepage and invite TWO (2) people that you care about to join our study. It would be great if they join this week just as we are beginning our new series of lessons. Expose someone you love to the Word of God.  I promise that if they are diligent in their study of His Word that it will change their life for the better!! Just click on “Get Connected” from the homepage…you will need the person’s name and their email address. Thanks. I’m really looking forward to the new study, which will begin soon.


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  1. cassie Says:

    I just found this web site today by chance… I think it is the most AWESOME thing ever thought of!!!
    Thank You!!!!

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