What Men Really Want in a Wife…

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Brothers, many of our single sisters are praying for a husband.  I thought it would be good to hear from Christian men as to what they really want in a wife.  Both married and unmarried brothers, we need to get your thoughts to that question.  Go to the Homepage and Click on Feedback.  Simply answer the question, “What do men really want in a wife?” Be candid and forthcoming.  I think it could really help our single sisters and our married sisters…  Thanks.


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  1. Greg Says:

    As a single christian brother I am actively seeking a wife. I believe this question is one that deserves close consideration and an open mind. A lifelong marital committment is as important as the committment we made for our salvation. In order to be successful in our pursuit of a compatable mate we must be mature enough to ask ourselves some tough questions.

    1.) Why do we truly want to be married? Is it something that we just think is the right thing to do or are we truly ready to committ our lives to another person?

    2.) Are we willing to take the steps necessary to prepare ourselves for a marital committment? i.e. Christian counseling and getting real and honest. with ourselves about our relationship skills and what we bring to the table.

    3.) Why is the divorce rate the same in the secular world as it is in the church? We need to carefully consider our motives and goals and whether or not they line up with a marital relationship. A common faith in God is not necessarily the end all cure all for a successful marriage.

    4.) Do we have reasonable expectations of what a marital committment means? i.e. do we understand that a “feeling of being in love” and a commitment to a loving marital relationship are not one in the same. Have we separated our “emotions” from our reasonable reality? Do we still hold a hollywood mentality for love committment and marriage?

    5.) As christians we understand that faith without works is dead. We also need to know that a marriage without active work and participation/communication is just as dead.

    6.) If we exercise wisdom and discernment we will openly and honestly ask ourselves and our potential mates these questions and be able to answer them without resevervation.

    7.) While Proverbs 31 is a good guide to what both men are looking for in women and women are looking for in men, there are many other factors to consider.

    8.) One of the most overlooked and important areas in potential marital committment are personality compatibilities and common goals. If we are not aligned with our potential partners in this area, the chance for a successful marital relationship is greatly minimized.

    I don’t want to scare anyone out of one of the most satisfying God given relationships we can have.

    However, we must understand that this committment is not to be taken lightly. This is for the rest of our lives. In order to make this relationship we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and our partners.

    Praying for Wisdom and Guidence is only part of the Formula. The other part is us actively doing the work which is required for a succesful marriage and lifelong relationship. We must understand that “feelings of being in love” may not always be present in the relationship. Marriage is not an “Emotional Feeling” it is a committment to Love that person the way God Loves us for the rest of their life through both the good times and the challenges. Even when we don’t feel like it.

    To summarize, ask yourslef and your mate the tough questions and be realistic about what you are getting into. This along with praying together and asking God’s will to be lived out through your marriage will greatly enhance the Success of the commitment your are about to make.

  2. Toya Says:

    Okay Greg, so what do YOU really look for in a woman??? I have talked to other single men who are dating, and one of the main issues I heard was that the substance or quality of the women they were meeting was pretty low. I find that surprising, considering that the majority of women these days are educated and independent. Maybe there are other factors??? What do you think?

  3. ELKANER Says:

    well I cant speak for every man but I can speak for myself, and what I want in a woman is a best friend first, we all know what a best friend is, someone that’s going to be their for me no matter what, someone to tell me when I am right and when I am wrong, someone cheer me up when Jim down, someone I know I can count on when I need them. after being my best friend then she can be my life long partner. she being my best friend, we know how to deal with each other we know how to complete each other.

  4. hardy Says:

    i am also a single and i agree with elkaner. This is also my idea – that my wife should be my best friend, the one who knows me best. I would also add the fact that she should be the person who lifts me up when i am down and points me to God when i can`t find my way..

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