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It’s been a little while since I’ve written.  My life is busy, but busy with good things so I thank God for His blessings.  One of the things that I’ve recognized in the last several weeks is how important it is for us to acknowledge the areas in which we need to improve.  Until we admit to ourselves that we are not all that we can be, we cannot make personal progress.  The very nature of self-improvement requires that we accept the fact that we need to do better or be better in some way.  I believe that it is a very healthy practice to take stock of one’s own life and self-evaluate.  After honestly looking at oneself, decide what you need to work on or improve upon.  Be aware that change can be difficult.  You might need to talk your issues out and seek the help of a professional counselor or minister.  Often times, the thing that holds us back from improving is our inability to admit our shortcomings.  Evaluate yourself and your life.  If you see something you don’t like, acknowledge it and then work on it.  You’ll be glad you did…


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  1. maurice otieno odongo Says:

    Thank you very much for this article which has just given me the hint on how to make a progress in my life.I was a born again christian yet lost the way somehow and really intending to go back to Jesus pleas kindly keep on emailing me on steps to take to give me the progress of becoming a true and strong christian ill really appreciate be blessed whoever thanks.

  2. Lahairoi Says:

    Thanks for the words that: change is difficult. Lately i have tried to change however difficulty gets in the way and I give up completely. From reading this article i now know that difficulty is part of the process.

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