Adultery Continues to Destroy…

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The events of the last few days regarding the announcement of John Edwards’ extramarital affair have inspired me to write about the effects that adultery have on people and on families.  In our last bible lesson on Potiphar’s Wife we began the lesson by quoting scripture that says …Can a man scoop hot coals into his lap without being burned? …and scripture that warns us that the end of adultery is bitter…  In the case of John Edwards and the former Governor of New York, Spitzer…we have had a recent chance to see the Word of God proven true on the subject of adultery.  Adultery is a destroyer…it significantly hurts families.  Edwards and Spitzer will survive, but their political careers are in jeopardy, maybe even destroyed at this point.  In His Word, the Lord warns us of the danger, but the human side of many people takes over and causes them to fall into this particular sin.  We must guard ourselves continuously and realize that there is very little that we can get away with in life.  Even if our spouses, friends and family never find out about our transgressions, God knows and God punishes us.  Edwards and Spitzer have been maligned in the media and by bloggers.  I, honestly, wish them the best.  I know that they must be in much pain now.  Hopefully, their personal tragedies will not be in vain and will serve as a reminder to all of us that when we step outside of our marriages or step into the marriage of another couple that we are operating outside of God’s will and that consequences await us…

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  1. rose Says:

    Thank you for your Godly & compassionate
    comment on adultery.

  2. feeling ashmed Says:

    I first and formost want to ask GOD for forgivness of my adulteryness that i have committed, i feel so dirty and worthless. I really need your help what scriptures can i read? i no i will get punished for my mistakes, i want to tell my husmand but im scared. What to do

  3. rose Says:

    i know how you feel but god delt with me before i even believed i was wrong and he does forgive you but you did not forgive yourself.meditating on gods word really healed me of all those bad feelings. god is faithful and just to forgive condemnation 4 those in on king david.

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