Presidential Candidates Talk About Their Faith

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Last night, I watched Barack Obama and John McCain discuss their faith and its impact on their lives and how they see the world.  Actually, I was quite impressed as I watched.  It was the most interesting interview that I have seen either candidate do because it did provide some insight as to who they really are in their hearts.  I was happy to hear the interviewer, Rick Warren (author of the Purpose-Driven Life) ask a question related to the candidates’ biggest moral failure.  John McCain said it was his first marriage.  Barack Obama talked about his time as a teenager and experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  Obama included his wife and grandmother as people he felt were wise and that he would listen to as he embarked upon leading the country.  John McCain spoke of his time as a prisoner of war and how he had an encounter with a Christian prison guard who gave him some relief from physical pain one day during his time there in prison.  Seeing a glimpse of each man and his thoughts about Christianity and Christian principles like giving and being good to others really gave me a different perspective of them.  So often, I’m just used to hearing about the important, but secular campaign issues and I had grown tired of hearing them repeat themselves on the same 5 things (Iraq, national security, the economy, health care and gas prices).  While those are critical election issues, it was refreshing to see them discuss their own personal beliefs regarding God and principles that they attempt to live their life by.

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