Throw Off All That Hinders You

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Hebrews 12: 1-3 tells us that we should throw off all that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles us.  This scripture is key for those of us who are truly seeking to make Heaven our home.  Imagine yourself in a race for God.  You are running but you have a heavy load on your back, you have obstacles that keep jumping in front of you that you are allowing to hinder your forward progress.  You can’t win a race that way.  You must throw off and get rid of that which hinders you from winning the race!  What is it that is hindering you right now?  Is it a person?  Is it a particular sin?  Is it your attitude?  Whatever it is, throw it off such that it doesn’t stand in your way anymore.  One of the toughest things for us to do is to let go of relationships with people we care about, but who are hindering us.    You really might have to let that person go.  Seek God’s Word and His Will.  Pray and ask God if it is His Will that the person be removed from your life or at least put aside as you strive to run for the Lord.  Doing this will not be easy, but sometimes you have to do something hard for the sake of your relationship with God.  Evaluate your life and what is hindering you from being all you can be for God and then as the scripture says…Throw It Off!!!

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  1. Katherine Says:

    I’m am so glad that God lead me to read this. Right now in my life, I am struggling with letting someone go. I’ve been close to this person for two years, and that probably doesn’t seem that long, but he was one of the few people in my life that I could trust, and it just hurts to tell myself that I have to let him go because having him in my life is hindering my faith. I have been praying about it, and asked my christian friends about it, and they all ask me the same question…is this guy in my life helping me to grow as a Christian? When I think about it, he is not helping me spiritually, and I am starting to get the impression that I should let him go, even though it may be very hard for me to do. I just really want to be able to leave everything behind that is hindering my faith, and follow Christ.

  2. zelda tao Says:

    Yes, there are so many things that hinders a christian from running the race. Carl you have hit me home in that area. But my greatest desire is to really run the race for Christ no matter what. God bless you!

  3. April Says:

    It’s so interesting – I just listened to a message on this morning that spoke about the same thing – throwing off things that hinder us from finishing the race that is before us. In this message, Pastor Tim Johnson of Orlando World Outreach Center mentioned that he’s never seen a runner run a race wearing boots. He said that (as many of us have witnessed especially recently with the Olympics) – runners wear as little as possible to ensure that they are as light as possible to run the race before them. Another great reminder to cast our cares on God – because He cares for us.

  4. Lahairoi Says:

    this article is amazing and hit home. What resonated with me most is the fact that sometimes one have to do something hard for the sake of their relationship with God.

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