An open prayer anticipating Hurricane Gustav

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Dear Lord,

We know that you are truly an awesome God.  You are the architect of Heaven and Earth, the creator of mankind, the giver and sustainer of all types of life forms that inhabit this world.  Lord, through your Word, you give us examples of natural disasters.  You speak of floods, storms, earthquakes and perilous times that are sure to come.  Because you say it in Your Word Lord, we know that these occurrences are part of Your Will and divine plan for the World you created.  Even with that knowledge Father, it is still hard for us, as mortal human beings, to understand and deal with the storms of our lives, both literally and figuratively.  Help us Lord to better withstand life situations that are difficult.  Help us to trust you in the midst of the storm, knowing that you love us and have our best interest at heart.  Father, right now we make an appeal for you to have mercy on the Gulf Coast.  We know that certain things must happen, but we know we serve a God who is in total control of everything that happens under the sun.  Lord, we trust Your Will.  If it is Your Will that the storm makes landfall, we pray that you will have mercy and that the storm won’t be as bad as the meterologists are predicting.  We pray that the damage won’t be as bad as it could be.  We pray for the lives of the people the storm will affect.  We ask that you will assist them in evacuating, getting to safety and rebuilding their lives following the hurricane.  God, we know you are in control, we know you are a good God, and we know we can count on You.  We trust that your Will is perfect and we ask that whatever your Will may be, that you will give us the mindset to accept and appreciate it…for we know, that ultimately, all things in your will work together for the good of us.  Lord we love you and we thank you.  In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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