Time doesn’t heal all wounds…

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Recently, I realized that while the passing of time is sometimes effective in helping us to heal emotionally, that there are occasions in which time really doesn’t heal our emotional wounds.  How often have you had a situation that happened in your past creep up into your present and cause a disruption to your day?  It happens.  The reason that so many of us still deal with past hurts is that we have never resolved what we experienced back then.  For example, let’s say that you felt betrayed by a loved one five years ago.  You have tried to forgive and forget, but every now and then, you feel the pain of it and that pain interrupts your relationship with them once again.  Why does this happen?  It’s because you never truly worked through the feelings of betrayal you experienced.  You can’t expect just to pick up and move on with your life like nothing ever happened and hope that time heals the wound.  You must actively work on trying to address, resolve and ultimately heal from the wounds that have negatively impacted your life.  Some of us have experienced things as children that still hurt us today.  Twenty years or more have passed and you are still dealing with it!  If you want to be healthy emotionally, you have to reach a point where you decide that you are tired of dealing with the same ole stuff and that you want a permanent healing from it.  To resolve or address your issue(s), you might have to pick up the phone and call a loved one who hurt you or spend some serious time alone in meditation and prayer or even make an appointment to see a psychotherapist or minister to help you sort through your life experiences.  Whatever you decide to do—do something!  Life is really too short to continue to deal with the pain of your past.  Deal with it now—and after you have done what you need to do to heal, leave your past pain in the past and go forward in your life—renewed and strengthened!

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  1. tcbuds Says:

    I can appreciate your candid expressions regarding “time doesn’t heal all our emotional wounds”. I have had first hand childhhood devastation of alcoholic parents, sexual abuse, neglect, rejection at home and school, my own bouts with drug/alcohol addiction, abortion. And believe me, time does not heal any of those wounds!! But Jesus does! I thank God that he led me to Alcoholics Anonymous so that I could stop drinking and establish the very first support network I ever had in my whole life. After getting sober and working the 12 steps, someone invited me to church. I was scared to go, but trusted this person. I felt uncomfortable the first few times I attended, but allowed myself to relax and began to experience God’s love and learn about the Bible. I felt empowered and filled with peace. I began to see a counselor to help me sort through confusing thoughts and emotions. I could not get relief from some of the pain and suffering I was experiencing and through counseling, journaling, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, was set free! Whom Jesus sets free is free indeed! Free to be me. Free from guilt and shame and fear. Free to love and be loved. It is an ongoing process for sure. Thank you for writing your note. God bless you.

  2. autumn Says:

    it seems that time doesn’t heal all wounds because only jesus can bind up the broken hearted. he was wounded for our transgressions,bruised for our iniquities,the chasticment of our peace was upon and WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED(ISAIAH 53VS.6

  3. Gail Owens Says:

    Thanks for writing this, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, time doesn’t but Jesus does. He was physically abused. God can and does heal!

  4. cc Says:

    A good article..God doesn’t always take us out of the storm but sometimes He takes us thru it..There are things in our lives that we will never forget,good and bad.But with God’s strength He will keep us thru it!!By pleasing Him ,He blesses us.Our goal as a christian is to win souls.We have to have Jesus first and He takes care of the rest.He has proved that to me.

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