After the Storm

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I live in Houston, Texas.  If you have followed the news for the past couple of weeks, you know that Houston and the surrounding area was greatly affected by Hurricane Ike.  As we have dealt with the aftermath of this storm, I have looked for lessons that can be learned from what we are experiencing.  One of the many things that I got from this was the importance of putting things back in order after the storm.  Right now, as I am typing this, some people are still without power, some schools and businesses are just now re-opening, the clean-up of debris is not yet complete….but people are working hard to repair the damage.  This state of “restoration” caused me to think about our own lives as we encounter our personal storms.  What do you do after the storm in your life has subsided?  Do you pick up and go on like it never happened or do you try your best to repair the damage it did to you.  In my humble opinion, if we truly want to have a good and peaceful life, we will work to “restore” our lives following the storm.  Something significant did happen to you and if you truly want to be well again, you must address what happened and then move on.  After Hurricane Ike, we have been forced to clean our refrigerators, remove debris, and repair damage.  Can you imagine how chaotic our lives would continue to be if we didn’t clean up after the storm?  When you face the trials of your life, in the aftermath, be sure to “clean-up” and work towards the “restoration” of you.  This process, undoubtedly, should include you going to God and asking for His help and guidance.  We all want to be whole again…and we must do the work that it takes.

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