On Life and Death

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I went to a funeral today.  The deceased was a 41-year old, beautiful, vibrant, caring woman with a great spirit about her.  She was a dentist who used her professional skills to touch the lives of those who depended upon her care.  A couple of years ago, she was excited to learn that she was carrying her first child.  Because she had married late in life, this pregnancy was especially important because it was not only her first, but most likely, her last.  Shortly into the pregnancy, she began to have some medical issues…it turned out that the disturbance in her body was cancer.  The doctors urged her to terminate her pregnancy so that they could immediately begin chemotherapy.  She refused.  Instead she delayed her treatment and held on to the growing baby inside of her for 27 weeks or so—until that baby could survive outside of her womb.  Her daughter was born premature, but she was here—her mother has chosen to give her life, instead of potentially saving her own.  Mother and baby faced their health issues together.  While the baby grew stronger, her mom was growing weaker.  Chemotherapy was taking its toll.  There were ups and downs during treatment.  Some months the doctors felt hopeful, other months the news they delivered to her was woeful.  Through it all, this young woman, kept her faith in the Lord.  When people called to console her, she ended up consoling them.  She loved her baby daughter with all she had…she protected her.  She knew that she had made the right choice in allowing her to come into this world, even though her choice likely meant reduced odds in her own fight to live.  Just about 26 months after she gave birth to her child, her own life ended.  Today, she was funeralized and buried.  There had to be 1,000 people or more at her services today.  Those who spoke on the programme said that she had touched their lives in a big way.  She took time out to be a friend, a sister, an adviser, and a confidante to those who were around her.  She impacted so many lives in just 41 years.  While sitting in the church today, I thought about my life… I thought about the lives of all of us.  Life is temporary.  Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are all dying…it’s just a matter of time before we leave this Earth.  None of what we attained in this life will really matter.  We’re just borrowing it—we can’t take any of it with us.  The only thing that will matter at the end of our lives is our works on Earth, because the Bible says that we will all sit at the judgment seat of Christ and be judged according to our works; whether they be good or bad.  Today, I decided to try my best not to get distracted here on Earth.  I decided to try my best to live on “purpose”.  I want to focus on doing God’s Will, being good to others, and trying to enjoy life…in that order.  Why spend any more time in life worrying about things that won’t even matter years from now when our time on Earth is done?  Today, I realized quite simply that death is a part of life and with everyday that passes we are wasting valuable time if we aren’t doing the will of God, being good to those around us and enjoying what life has to offer.  Today, I sensed that this young, 41-year old woman, lived her life on “purpose”.  I believe she truly understood what life is all about.


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  1. deanna Says:

    This is one great story. one in which I should learn by.

  2. michelle Says:

    What a profound truth this reveals about a Christian women who gives love like Christ. Even her own immense physical battle did not prevent her loving outreach to so many. To me the carer is the often unseen divine influence in our lives through Christ these disciples exist. Not famous politicians whom start with unblemished ideas, and end up often soiled; neither are they footballers or stars splashed across the tabloids; but gentle humble followers of Christ. They to me are the unknown and least sung heroes. Not explorers or scientists just unselfish giving souls that day in day out hold up us all everywhere throughout the globe.


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