What I’ve learned about prayer…

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This week’s bible lesson is on the power of prayer.  The lesson looks at how several bible characters had their prayers successfully answered.  By examining their prayers, maybe it will help us have effective prayers too!!

In my own prayer life, I have realized that I don’t always know what’s best for me.  I have certainly prayed for things that turned out differently than what I had hoped and prayed for.  Several life situations have showed me that sometimes I am praying for things that the Lord has decided to resolve for me, but He resolves them differently than the way I asked him to.  We must allow God to be God.  Leave room in your prayer for Him to intervene in the way that He sees fit.  Rather than praying for Him to do certain things a certain way, now I just pray that He will intervene in the way that He knows is ultimately best for me and for my life.  This type of prayer involves knowing and trusting that God knows best.  Though we may not understand it, His way is the best way.   As I have changed my prayers, God has shown me that He has truly answered all of my requests… He has just answered them in His own way… 


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  1. Philisiwe Bungane Says:

    God knows whats best for us, He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us,my prayer in every situation is for His will to be done, and ask God to direct my paths, and just thank Him for the good result.

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