What I’ve learned about Appreciating God’s Will…

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Our second bible lesson is called “Appreciating God’s Will“. I learned this critical life lesson just a few years ago. Upon graduating from college, I was offered a position with a great company. The salary was solid, I was going to receive a company car and corporate expense account. It was the job I had worked so hard for during those 4 and a half years of school. At the last minute, I was told that the person I was to replace in the company decided to stay and therefore they could not hire me. I was devasted. I had stopped pursuing other potential offers because I had been led to believe that I already had a job! There I was 23 years old with a college education and unemployed. Bill collectors were calling me. I felt like a failure. I had no choice but to work odd jobs in the interim and I hated every minute of it. I couldn’t help but to say to myself, “I didn’t go to college for this!” After 9 months of difficulty, the University I graduated from offered me a job. It didn’t pay well, but it was a full-time job with benefits. After working for the University, I realized that helping young people trying to further their education was my calling. I decided to earn a Master’s degree so that I could climb the ladder as a university administrator. After earning my Master’s, I decided that I wanted even more. I earned a Ph.D. so that one day I could be a university vice president or dean. While working on my Ph.D., I worked with college athletes to make sure that they achieved academically and got their education. This opportunity led me to start a small business advising college athletes on their transition to professional sports. Let’s just say that the Lord has blessed me tremendously in this endeavor and that what I do now is far better than what I would have been doing for that company that took back their job offer!! I have more education, more money and more fulfillment than what I would have had if I had been hired by that company. Eventhough I was devastated then and couldn’t see it, God had a different plan for my life that was far better than what I could have imagined. I am so glad that His plan for my life reigned supreme over my own plan. Not to mention, if I had been given the first job, I would have had to move to a different state (Oklahoma) and would not have met my wife and wouldn’t have the great children I currently have. Who knows what would have become of me. God had a different and better plan… Now that I have witnessed His will in my own life, I just yield to what He wants. When a door is closed in my life now, I just figure that it is the Lord’s will that it is closed and I appreciate Him for closing that door and I try to open another one. I know that He wants what’s best for me…and I would much rather that His will rule over my life than my own will…


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  1. Greg Says:

    Carl that is Awesome!

    It is very inspiring for me to see the younger generation Appreciating God’s Will. This has become Somewhat of a lost art in the Christian Community.

    I am probably twice your age, but I am a living testament to the fact that Appreciating God’s will rather than trying to make your will God’s is the only way to go.

    Take it from me who spent a good many years trying to impose my will on God.

    That being said, it isn’t hard to imagine how that worked out for me.

    It is funny how we can read a verse out of the bible which clearly tells us the direction we are to take and we just dismiss it like that advice is only good for biblical times.

    That is why there is always the peace that surpasses all understanding of knowing that God is the Same Today, Yesterday, and Forever. His word and promises and covenants don’t waver. He is the one true thing we can solidly build our life on.

    Grace and Favor to all!

  2. es Says:

    Thanks for this sharing, I am at a crossroad now, many doors have been shut, but from your testimony I know God is in control and will open the flood gates of joy soon.

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