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For Our Brothers

Respect of Womanhood
by Carl E. Carey, Jr.

Now that I am a father of two young daughters, I must admit that I am concerned. What troubles me is wondering how my daughters will be treated by the men they encounter throughout their lives. When God created man, He created us to be physically and emotionally stronger than women. Therefore, women are more prone to be hurt in relationships than men. Some women hurt physically, others hurt emotionally—and then there are those who suffer both types of pain. I rarely hear of a man being beat by his wife or being so emotionally scarred by her that he finds it difficult to recover. Our women, on the other hand, endure much difficulty in their quest to be loved by a man.

Our sisters are encountering so many issues—raising children alone, being in abusive environments, coping with loneliness. I knew it was tough for women when my own sister said that she was really hoping that my wife and I had boys because of how tough life can be for a woman. She fears what my daughters will have to experience in their lifetime at the hands of a man. This philosophy does sound kind of extreme, but when I look around, I see that there are a disproportionately low number of men who give their women the love and respect they deserve.

Of course, there are those of us who are doing right by the woman in our life. I have a number of friends and brothers in Christ who are good to the woman who is by their side. These men are loyal companions, great providers, and good fathers. We need more men to follow their example.

One of the greatest compliments I have ever received came from my father-in-law who told me on the day I married his daughter that, “she couldn’t have married a better person”. Every now and then, I remind my wife of what he said! I could sense the relief my wife’s dad had. He was confident that his daughter would be treated well. That’s all I want for my own daughters.

The women in our lives should be treated with respect. To mistreat a woman is truly equivalent to someone disrespecting your mother, your daughter, your grandmother or your sister. You certainly wouldn’t stand for that. We must love our women and give them the honor God intended. In Genesis, the Lord saw that man was alone and that something was missing. He created woman from Adam’s rib and Eve appeared. The Bible says that after creating Eve, God took her to be with Adam. Basically, the Lord gave Eve to Adam as a gift. I can only imagine how happy Adam was to have someone in his life! Brothers, the woman in your life was designed to be a gift from God. She was intended to be a positive addition to your life. Do right by her and give her the respect she truly deserves. When you disrespect her, you dishonor what God has blessed you with.

For those of you who are still looking for your Eve, allow the Word of God to be your guide. In the Book of Proverbs Chapter 31, the Bible discusses the qualities of a Godly wife. She is principled, hardworking, kind, smart and loves the Lord. How could you not admire and honor a woman who possesses those qualities? You should be seeking a woman with great character. If you find a Godly woman—you are blessed—for she is worth far more than rubies! Thank God for her and give her the respect that she deserves.

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