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For Our Brothers

Quiet Time
by Carl E. Carey, Jr.

It’s 5:00 a.m. and my wife and daughters are asleep. I’m up writing for the website and the house is still. There is dead silence—and I like it that way! I once heard a motivational speaker refer to the time we spend by ourselves as Quiet Time. It is when I am alone that I can think, reflect and communicate with God.

As Christians, it is important that we find time to ourselves. True prayer and meditation is difficult when you are distracted by what’s going on around you. Some of my most compelling spiritual moments have taken place when I was alone and distant from everything and everybody. I literally feel a deeper connection with the Lord when I am one on one with Him..

One of my favorite prayer spots is at a small lake not too far from where I live. After getting my workout in, I sit at the lake—marveling at God’s perfection and I go to Him in prayer. I know I am in His presence.

When Jesus was preaching the Gospel across the land and ministering to the needs of His people, at a point, scripture tells us that He went up on a mountainside to pray. The Bible says that when evening came, He was still there talking with God. Even Jesus needed quiet time to sort things through and connect with His Father. While it would be difficult to spend hours a day in prayer and meditation, I believe all of us can certainly find fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time each day to spend with ourselves and God.

This life can truly be hectic at times. We all need to slow down, take a deep breath and spend some quiet time with ourselves. When we take the time we need, we are more productive, our decisions are better, our stress is reduced, and most importantly, our connection to ourselves and God is much stronger.

I have five major goals for the New Year. One of those goals is to take more time for myself. I know that if I make more time for me that I will do a better job as a minister, husband, father, son, brother, friend, professor and businessman. Everyone around you benefits when you dedicate yourself to taking care of YOU! If you don’t make sure that you’re spirit is rested and healthy, you can’t take care of those people in your life who are counting on you.

Make a commitment today to give more time to yourself—your life and your relationship with God will be better if you do!

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