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For Our Brothers

Conflict in the Church: A Tool of the Enemy
by Carl E. Carey, Jr.

Egos. Politics. Power Trips. Power Struggles. Sounds like Corporate America—but I’m actually talking about the relationship dynamics that sometimes exist between brothers in the Church.

In the Bible, the Lord shows us numerous examples of men working together to spread the Gospel and do His Will. What a great honor it is to allow the Lord to use your talent, leadership skills and commitment to Him to further His cause of saving souls and doing Godly deeds.

The mission that God has given His men is a noble one. However, it is unfortunate that often times, significant conflict emerges amongst men who love the Lord. If not dealt with swiftly and appropriately, that conflict has the power to undermine the very purpose men of God are working towards.

One thing is for sure—when human beings work closely together in any situation for a prolonged period of time, there are bound to be differences of opinion and personality conflicts. We see this take place in families, on-the-job, in schools and amongst friends. Because the men who carry out the work of the Church work closely together, it is no surprise that we see conflict take place in the Church too. However, when disagreements and “jockeying” for power begin to divide the Church and stunt the growth and success of God’s mission, then we have a problem that must be addressed and dealt with in a Godly manner. Can you imagine having to tell God that His Church was not as effective as it could have been because the brothers in leadership put their egos, personality issues and quest for power ahead of His mission? He would certainly burn with anger.

Brothers, we are responsible for nurturing and saving souls for God. It is the single most important thing we can do to help God’s people in this sin-sick world. To allow bickering and strife to thwart that purpose in any way is contrary to God’s Will. By allowing conflict to consume us, we are inadvertently assisting the Enemy in fulfilling his goal of hindering the Church and its ability to encourage and develop Christians, and reach and save those who are lost.

One of the most unfortunate things I have seen in the Church is when men use their position or the pulpit to feed their desire for recognition. The Lord would not have us to get caught up in titles or status. Those of us who do God’s Work should consider ourselves as servants. Servants are humble and willing to serve when called upon. There is no room for seeking personal gain when you are serving the Lord. If brothers in the Church are truly focused on what pleases God, and not themselves, we will have far less conflict, gossiping, power plays and ego-tripping.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 18: 15-16 that if we feel that our brother has sinned against us that we are to first go to him and speak with him alone and directly—in an attempt to work the problem out. In most cases, conflict exists because there is just a simple misunderstanding that can be worked out if there is communication between the parties. Brothers, let’s do better. We can work out our differences. Let’s talk to each other and drop our egos and personal agendas. The success of God’s mission depends on it.

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