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For Our Brothers

Christian Brotherhood
by Carl E. Carey, Jr.

One of the greatest benefits to being a child of God is fellowshipping and spending time with other believers. For many years, I was one of those members who sat through church service and at the last "Amen", I was out of the door and on my way. What I didn't know during those years of not participating in fellowship was that I was really missing out on something special. It was not until I got involved in the Church that I realized the importance of Christian Brotherhood.

As men who love the Lord, we are truly a minority in this world. If you just think about your co-workers, relatives and worldly friends who are male, you will certainly see that the majority of them are not serious about their relationship with the Lord. Because that is the case in the World, it becomes increasingly important that we bond with men who are like-minded and trying to be Godly. If we don't take advantage of the opportunities to bond with other Christian men, we can certainly expect that our worldly relationships with other men will cause our spirituality to suffer.

Now that I am immersed in the workings of the Church I attend, I have had the opportunity to bond with other men who love the Lord. We talk about sports and attend sporting events together, we meet for lunch, we discuss our marriages and our children, we pray together, and we serve the Lord together. Priceless! I just didn't know that I was truly shortchanging myself by not taking the time to get to know my brothers in Christ. Since I have gotten to know some of my brothers, my perspective has grown and I truly have other Godly men to talk to when I need some advice and guidance in my own life.

In the Bible, we are given the example of Christian Brotherhood as we examine the relationship between David and Jonathan in I Samuel 20. These two men were brothers in every sense of the word. They were confidants and companions. They had brotherly love for each other and protected one another. As macho men, sometimes it's hard for us to say that we need somebody—but we all do from time to time. Lean on your brothers in Christ! I can't tell you how good it is to know that I have Godly men around me that I can depend on.

Take the time to become friends with another brother at your congregation. If you are not a regular church-goer, visit and look for a Church that mirrors that of the Church talked about in the Bible and then seek out other men who love the Lord and who will be a good, powerful influence in your life.

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