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Getting Started

Congratulations! By registering with us, you have taken an important step towards enhancing your spiritual development. To get the full benefit of this website, we recommend the following:

  • There will be 8 to 12 bible lessons each session. We hope that you will commit to completing all bible lessons during each term. If you miss a week, use our lesson archive to complete the lessons at your own pace.

  • Secure a notebook or journal to be used specifically for bible study. Write down your thoughts, key scriptures and your answers to the questions we ask throughout the study. As you complete lessons, it will be helpful to refer back to your notes and thoughts from previous studies.

  • We have included a convenient online bible for your use as you work on bible lessons. However, we also recommend that you use your copy of the Bible. You can make notes in your bible, underline important passages and bookmark passages that you would like to revisit. We will be using the New International Version (NIV) of the bible, but you are welcome to use the version or translation that you prefer.

  • Participate in our message board discussions. Reading what others are saying about bible topics and giving your perspective will contribute to our online learning environment.

  • You have the power to contribute to someone else's spiritual development! Encourage people that you know to join our study. Studying with others will also help keep you motivated.

  • Navigate throughout our site and view our articles, blogs and other tools designed to benefit you. We also hope that you will post on our message board; and/or write and submit an article of your own to be published on this website.

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