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Submission Guidelines

The major goal of our website is to help our readers maximize their spiritual development. To that end, we are encouraging in-depth bible study and personal evaluation and reflection. One of the best ways to learn and grow is to hear from other people and to gain wisdom and knowledge from their life lessons and experiences. Our online columns are designed to give our readers the unique perspectives of people, like yourself, who have experienced or learned something in life and want to share it with others to benefit them.

Writing a column for this website is an act of giving. You are using your life experience to bless others. By reading your words, someone else could find peace in a difficult situation, avoid a mistake, find courage or make positive life changes.

We have made submitting an article simple. All you need to do is to follow these guidelines:

  • All articles should be 400 to 800 words, typed (12 point, Times New Roman font, if possible). If typing in Microsoft Word, use the Word Count feature under Tools for a quick count of words.
  • The content of your article should be spiritually-based. If you desire, you may include scriptural references to illustrate your points. The goal of your column should be to inspire, educate, challenge or advise our readers.
  • Give a clear, concise title to your essay or article.
  • Include your name as you wish it to be published in the by-line of your article.
  • Include an email address so that we can contact you.

    *Please also note whether or not you want your email address included at the end of your published essay so that readers can connect with you if they wish to. (Indicate either: Publish Email Address or Do Not Publish Email Address).
  • Tell us which column you would like your article published under.

    • For Our Brothers—targeted audience is our male readers
    • For Our Sisters—targeted audience is our female readers
    • Experiences—targeted audience is all of our readers
    • College Connection—targeted audience is our college students (we, especially, would like college students to write for this column).
  • Send your completed article or essay via email in a Microsoft Word document to
  • By sending your essay or article to Bible, you are giving us the right to publish your writing on our website. You are also giving us permission to edit your work for grammar, clarity and appropriateness.
  • Send your original, written work only.
  • You will be notified via email of an approximate date that you can expect your work to be published on our site. Please be advised that because of the number of essays we receive, that it could take a period of weeks before your actual publish date.
  • Remember—the reason that you might have experienced a situation or learned a valuable life lesson could be that you were supposed to use that circumstance to help others. Your words have power to change someone else’s life for the better! We look forward to receiving your article.
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